Dongguan Guxiang Metal Products Co., LTD

5 advantages


Complete specifications, self-produced direct sales, one-stop procurement

  • brand trust
  • Strength witness
  • Quality and efficiency
  • Product Warranty
  • Perfect service
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    Order customized products according to customer needs

    1. The company has been established for 7 years and has long-term cooperative customer groups
    2. The annual output is 500 million, complete mechanical equipment, professional technical research and development team
    3. Official genuine products, quality assurance, support testing, and regular invoices

  • 02

    Products sell well in Europe, America, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta in China

    1. Can accept finished product inspection, such as product salt spray test report, hardening and electroplating test report
    2. Sample customization can be accepted, and the official sample approval letter is provided
    3. Can accept secondary customization (logo/packaging), mostly for overseas customers
    4. Can accept complete customization, we will carry out trial production with drawings provided by you, and then to mass production
    5. Can accept on-site plant exploration and on-site material testing

  • 03

    Customer satisfaction is the standard, zero defects

    1. Imported automatic headed equipment with computer detection, computer induction detection, automatic shutdown if there is a problem, and strict control of screw size
    2. Optical automatic detection and screening machine
    3. Excellent electroplating, passed strict environmental testing, not easy to rust, more environmentally friendly
    4. Products are equipped with professional product inspectors from incoming to outgoing, including Incoming Inspector (IOC), Process Inspector (IPOC), Final Inspector (FQC) and Outgoing Inspector (0QC)
    5. Rigorous process, high-precision equipment, systematic management, let you rest assured

  • 04

    Company is ISO certified

    1. The company has passed ISO certification, so that the products can be better guaranteed
    2. The raw materials are directly supplied by large steel factories, 1018A/1022A, 40CR, 304HC, 316CU; ROHS environmental protection reports and material certificates can be provided for the above materials
    3. Specializing in the production of precision screws, high hardness, not easy to slip, not easy to break, to ensure your experience
    4. There is a large supply of stock in stock. If a customized product is required, it will be drawn by a professional project, and then an order will be placed for production after confirmation.

  • 05

    Product sales are growing steadily every year

    1. Pre-sale: 24H, online consultation (Miss Yu: 137 1217 0362)
    2. On sale: Professional quality engineers can be assigned to negotiate with you about the plan
    (Huang Sheng: 189 3853 8219)
    3. After-sales: Free warranty period, if there is any problem during the use of the product, you can contact us at any time (Miss Chen: 15574367634)

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Understand in secondsGuxiang
Dongguan Guxiang Metal Products Co., Ltd. The company mainly produces and sells screws, nuts and metal stamping and drawing parts, with a wide range of products and complete styles. parts, lathe parts and machining products. The products have been selling well in Europe, America, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region in China. The number of products has been increasing steadily every year, and it has maintained stable and close business contacts with customers. Since its establishment, the company has established a corporate culture of "honesty, commitment, teamwork and innovation"
  • Broad market
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cheap and high quality
  • Technical Support
  • service support

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The company adheres to the road of combining technological innovation and market development, and continuously launches high-tech and high-quality products



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